Issue 007 -featuring Radley Hatz VIP

Shop: Radley Hatsz

Owner: Carley Ridley

Facebook: Radley Hatz VIP

Website: radley-hatz.myshopify.com Instagram: @radley_hatz

“My kids love hats and we wanted the opportunity

to offer a more affordable option for everyone and make our

design ideas come to life!” -Carley Ridley, Owner

Radley Hatz is a thriving small shop based in Arizona. Carley Ridley, the owner of Radley Hatz, was inspired by her own kids’ ideas. She desired to bring those ideas to life while making sure her designs were accessible to many in the market for small shop hats. She did just that. Her shop offers amazing, unique, quality hats all at an affordable price!

The name Radley Hatz is a mashup of the owner's last name, Ridley, and the simple fact that the hats they offer are totally "rad"! It’s true! These hats are truly unique. This is partially because Carley's kids help her come up with the various styles and designs. She explained, "My kids are my biggest inspiration -- they help me come up with new ideas and get so excited seeing [those ideas] come to life!"

In addition to their desire to provide stylish and affordable hats for all ages, the Ridley family has a goal for their shop. When asked what she hoped to achieve with the shop, Carley replied, "We hope to be able to give back to as many places as possible." Radley Hatz has already provided the Ridleys with opportunities to sponsor families in need during the Christmas season. They are excited at the prospects of doing more in the future.

If you or your little ones are the hat-wearing types, we suggest you join the Radley Hatz VIP group on Facebook as soon as you can. Go see what this shop is all about! We're confident that you won't be disappointed!



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