Issue 010 -Spotlight featuring Spellbound soles

Spellbound Soles is way more than just a shoe shop, it’s an entire vibe. A vibe that is described as an “alternative vibe shoe shop that celebrates all things weird and witchy”.
You may think that this “vibe” isn’t right for you, but it is. TRUST US, IT IS!
They love to create soles inspired by things strange and unusual that serve as just a small part of our customer's daily story. Spellbound likes to focus on being different in the small shop shoe world. They stay in their alternative vibe and love to create things not seen anywhere else in the market. They design mostly with a witchy design aesthetic, but always have something more for everyone. “Our team also makes us pretty special. Spellbound has had the most amazing families behind it since we launched a little over a year ago.”- says Brooke.
Brooke is the owner of Spellbound Soles. She went to design school and has also dabbled in other mediums of design for countless years. When she had her daughter, Story, she couldn't find what she was looking for anywhere. So she did what any creative mother would do - she creative exactly what she wanted!
Brooke loves almost everything about running her shop, but her favorite part is being able to spend time with her team every day!
What is something you love and others hate or something you hate that everyone else seems to love? I'm from the south, so there's just something about our grandmas' recipes! My grandmother used to make this pear, mayo, lettuce salad thing with cheese and cherries that was amazing. I'm pretty sure everyone else thinks it's awful!
You woke up tomorrow morning and a million
dollars was deposited into your account, and the bank said to keep it. What would you do?
would open a Spooky designed hostel here in Atlanta and invest the rest into Spellbound.
If a genie could grant you three wishes, what would they be?
1. I'd wish to take my whole team on vacation together. 2. Go back in time to experience Woodstock.
3. See my dad one more time
What is your favorite thing about running your shop? I love being a part of everyone's story when they wear Spellbound. That to me is why I do this. I also have the best team in the universe and the friendship and connections I've made with them are invaluable.

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