Issue 012 -Spotlight Texas top knots



"I had a pretty rough start to the year 2018; I lost my uncle who was like a second father to me. I was feeling depressed. I was pregnant with my second child, a girl, Kennedy. I was so sad that my uncle Teddy would never get to meet her and she wouldn’t ever get to know how wonderful and fun he was. I decided to start making bows and knots for my soon-to-be daughter, friends, and family as something to do to keep me occupied. With some encouragement, I decided to take it a step further and make a little side business out of it.
I created a Facebook group to post my creations. Due to word of mouth and posts from customers, little by little my group started gaining more and more members. We went from having sales in the comments sections of a thread of just a small number of a few styles to having a full-on website with lots of options to choose from: bows, knots, clothing, merchandise, etc. I was having drops of products weekly that would sell out within minutes. It was something I could have never imagined.
I started in my living room and worked out of it for around a year. I had to essentially hire my husband to help me fulfill orders. My husband ended up quitting his job on a leap of faith -- that we would continue to see growth and sustainability. He has been helping me full-time ever since. We then outgrew the living room and put a little shed in our backyard that we utilized as a workshop; however, in a matter of months, we also outgrew that space and knew we needed something even bigger as well as more help. That takes us to the present, where we now have a 4,000 sq. ft. warehouse with 3 full-time employees, separate from myself and my husband, Carter.
Carter and I are both from Merkel, a small town in Texas, and have been together for 6 years. We have 2 children, Cameron and Kennedy who keep us on our toes. Without Carter being a cheerleader for me and this idea for a business, I don’t think it would be what it is. I have the best support system of family and friends that have and continue to encourage me.
It means so much to me to own my own small business, probably more than I could ever explain. Being a female business owner is a big deal, let alone being able to have this dream come to fruition as a girl from a small-town. I hope that I can show my children that with hard work and perseverance, that their dreams can come true. And for my daughter, I hope that she grows up knowing that girls can be anything. I count myself lucky that I get to wake up everyday and do what I love for a living; each of my customers mean everything to me and every order means the world to me and my family.

When a customer shops from us, they are helping us support our family - helping to put food on our tables, gas in our cars, enabling us to afford my son’s baseball and my daughter’s dance & cheerleading classes. When they purchase from us they are also contributing to the livelihood of our employees as well. Because I appreciate the sacrifices and support from my family, I also try to help out my family members as much as possible.
Before I started my own business I was lost. I was feeling like a loser and a failure. Feeling as though I was not doing anything with my life. I decided not to attend college. I even went to cosmetology school but ended up leaving because I decided I didn’t want to do that either. I was at a crossroads. I didn’t know who I was or what I wanted to do. Texas Top Knots has given me a purpose, and I have made more friends and received more support than I ever could have expected! It truly has been a blessing and sometimes I still can’t believe this is happening. I have become so close to my team and my customers. All of my TTK people are like family to me now."
What does your shop offer, what makes your shop special?
Here at Texas Top Knots we are known for our velvet top knots, our headwraps, and also our one-of-a-kind prints. We work with our very own designer to bring our customers unique and one of a kind fabric options you won’t find anywhere else. We strive to offer the softest and highest quality fabric for your little babes head. Our products are perfect for children of all ages.
How did you pick the name of your shop?
I was really in love with the top knot style bows & im from Texas!
What is your favorite food? Least favorite?
My favorite food is pizza (without the sauce)! My least favorite is meat and vegetables. I’m a really picky eater!
If you woke up and a million dollars was deposited into your account tomorrow morning and the bank said to keep it. What would you do?
I would use it to help out my family and friends with anything they needed, houses cars etc. Then, I’d put the rest in a savings account.
What would be your 3 wishes if a genie could grant you anything?
My first wish would be an IKEA & Homegoods to be opened in Abilene TX. Second, I’d wish for good health forever and long, long lives for my parents
and kids! Thirdly, I’d wish that Dr. Pepper and pasta didn’t make me gain weight!
What is your favorite thing about running your shop?
My favorite thing about running my own shop is hands down all of the wonderful people I meet & getting to live my dream everyday!





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