Issue 014- Spotlight featuring Maddie’s denim & more

Nicole Johnson is a mother of 3, a registered nurse, and the boss babe of Maddie’s Denim & More! After having her third child in the Spring of 2019, Nicole starting dabbling in the small shop
world. She always loved denim and decided to try making a few pieces for her new baby girl. She dedicated months to practicing and perfecting her style and technique. During her 12-hour shift as a home care RN, she found herself having some off time. So she took advantage of every free moment to perfect her hobby, even on her breaks at work.
After a while, she started accumulating so much denim that she decided to sell her denim on public selling sites and apps. Here is where she met some of her very first reps, who were then just customers. With the support of these loyal customers, she made a Facebook page in the summer of 2019, naming her shop, “Maddie’s Fab Denim”.
Nicole quickly taught herself how to make more than just denim – she also taught herself to make vinyl t-shirts, bows, and tutus, hence the name change to “Maddie’s Denim & More”!
“I met some incredible women who began supporting my shop and my talent. They eventually encouraged me to start my Facebook VIP page. This page opened a new portal for me to grow my shop and expand. I held my very first rep search in the fall of 2019 and started with 5 reps. I remember having my first drop in my group where I sold about 6 outfits and I was Ecstatic!”
In the winter of 2019 – Maddie’s Denim’s website officially opened as Nicole’s group reached milestones that exceeded the VIP group’s capacity. Nicole has expanded her inventory and now offers a wide variety of items by giving other small shops the opportunity to offer their products in her shop! She has done exceedingly well to the point that Maddie’s Denim is her full-time career now and has the blessed opportunity to stay home with her kids.
“I've had the most amazing, supportive group of women follow me on this journey. Now 2 years later I have a rep team of 35 amazing ladies and a VIP group of over 8K members. I am so blessed and so thankful for each and every one of you!”
1.What does your shop offer, what makes your shop special? At Maddie's Denim & more we offer, distressed denim, peek-a-
boo denim, distressed leggings, vinyl tees, screen printed tees, boutique items, custom birthday/celebration outfits, and more!
2. Where is your shop located? My shop is located in my home in Berkshire county Massachusetts.
3.What led to you opening this shop? I enjoyed my hobby so much that I wanted to start sharing it with other people. I wanted to share my creations and I was inspired to do so by all the wonderful ladies who began supporting me.
4.How did you pick the name of your shop? The name for my shop Maddie's denim and more was inspired by my oldest daughter Madison.
5.What is your main inspiration? The main inspiration for my shop is my family and my friends. Being a good role model for my children and showing them that you can do anything you put your mind to. Something that started as a hobby that I enjoyed so much is now something I'm able to do every single day as my job. The friendships I have made with the amazing ladies I have met are so precious to me. Even if I've never met them in person and they live miles away, we talk every single day, we support one another in our dreams and the tough times. They inspire and encourage me to push through and be the best I can be.

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1. Whatisyourfavoritefood?Leastfavorite?MyfavoritefoodisprobablyTacos!Imeanwhodoesn'tlove tacos?! Least favorite food is steak. I know so crazy right!? I don't think I've ever gone to a restaurant and ordered a steak in my entire life!
2. Whatissomethingyouloveandothershateorsomethingyouhatethateveryoneelseseemstolove? Something I love that others hate is probably cleaning. Cleaning gives me a sense of organization and calmness. I don't feel relaxed if my work area, space is cluttered. Something I hate that others love is cooking! I do not cook, I despise cooking. LOL I was never this way, but only in the last few years.
3. Ifyouwokeupandamilliondollarswasdepositedintoyouraccounttomorrowmorningandthebank said to keep it. What would you do? If I woke up and discovered a million dollars was deposited into my bank account and the bank let me keep it I think I'd die. LOL! After the initial shock, I would think of things that I could do to invest some of it. I would want to make sure my kids would be able to continue their education after high school with no worries of student loans or limitations of their educational dreams. I then bought my very first house -- this has always been a goal of mine. Lastly, I would take my kids on an amazing vacation. Money comes and goes but memories last a lifetime and I want to give my kids as many amazing and fun memories as I can. I want them to look back at their childhood and not see that they ever missed out on something in a single-parent household, but rather had the opportunity to live and be happy.
4. What would be your 3 wishes if a genie could grant you anything? If a genie could grant me 3 wishes of my choosing, I would choose first for my family, kids, and myself to suffer from no health issues. I want everyone to be healthy and not be affected by disease. Second I would wish for no child to ever go hungry. No baby, no child should ever have to cry, beg, or starve. There should be enough resources in this world to provide the basic needs for our children. Third If I didn't already receive my 1 million, lol I would wish for unlimited money. I would invest and donate money to organizations that could make a difference on our planet and for the people. I would hire people all around the world to find the best ways to provide for everyone and to make sure every family has the basic needs such as food, housing, a vehicle, a job!
5. What is your favorite thing about running your shop? Least favorite? My favorite thing about running my shop is seeing all the babies/kids wearing the items I created. I still get butterflies and excited when I see moms posting their kids’ photos wearing something I made. It's surreal even 2 years later. My least favorite thing about running my shop is that I don't have 10 hands! LOL! Sometimes I wish I had supersonic speed to make stuff super fast but still with quality. I have a habit of expecting too much of myself and then stressing myself out about meeting deadlines. I need to learn better ways to reduce my stress and understand that I am only one person with two hands.

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