Issue 024 - SPOTLIGHT Featuring Occult Goddess Designs


Occult Goddess Designs was actually derived from my handmade clothing shop, The Occult Goddess. I have a very eclectic style, and couldn’t find designs I loved or fit my visions to offer in my shop, so I learned how to make them myself. As I learned, I realized I had a passion for design! Now I design and offer weird, quirky, designs for other shops with a focus on ‘spooky all year’!


1. What is your favorite food?

I love cereal! Seriously, any kind! Least favorite? I don’t dislike many things, but I try not to eat meat often.

2. What is something you love and others hate or something you hate that everyone else seems to love?

I love anything scary, spooky or witchy ALL year. I know there are others who do, also, and I’m lucky to have found an amazing group of moms who share my love for weird things- but I feel like most people just look at me funny!

3. If you woke up and a million dollars was deposited into your account tomorrow morning and the bank said to keep it. What would you do?

Buy a house & invest (what a boring answer).

4. What would be your 3

wishes if a genie could grant you anything? - my house is always clean (and I don’t have to do it haha)

- I always get 9 hours of sleep

- Fall/October all year round

5. What is your favorite thing about running your shop? Least favorite?

There are so many favorite parts I can’t even choose one. I love creating and watching my visions come to life, seeing adorable kids rocking my art and getting to stay home with my baby.

My least favorite is my work/life balance. I honestly love what I do, so much so that I find myself coming up with new ideas and drawing almost constantly!



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