Issue 025 - Featuring Willow B Bows

Shop Name: Willow B Bows
Owner: Alyssa Larkins
Facebook group: Willow B Bows VIP Instagram: @willow_b_bows Website: Willowbbows.com
“Bows and Blings...it’s a Willow B Bows thing! We make little girl accessories while bringing moms together to support each other.” -Alyssa Larkins, Owner
The small shop world is full of bow shops, but we want you to know about this specific bow shop and why you should be a customer here as opposed to other options you might be considering to meet your bow needs. Willow B Bows has been a part of the small shop world for two years. They consistently offer ready to ship and made to order accessories for babes and moms! With one or two drops each month and weekly new releases you are sure to get your fill of amazing bow options here. They offer handmade bows, headwraps, scrunchies, twist wraps, and necklaces as well as
the occasional preorder for boutique clothing. On the website you can find over one thousand different print options for their pieces!
Owner, Alyssa, LOVES making bows. After her daughter was born, Alyssa experienced a severe case of postpartum depression. Making bows provided her with a distraction during a particularly rough time in her life.
Her shop has not only been healing for her, but she uses it as a platform to help others as well. Her shop’s group has brought women together who support Mental Health Awareness. She hopes to continue growing that support system and that awareness while growing her shop. Her team of brand reps is more like a family. It is filled with those who support and encourage one another no matter the situation. Some of Alyssa’s closest friendships have sprouted from the group of moms she has met along the way while growing her shop.
The shop’s adorable name came from the nickname Alyssa’s son gave to her daughter, Brinley Willow, when she was first born – Baby Willow. After all, she is the reason the shop began, so it only made sense to name
it after her. You could say she is also the inspiration behind the amazing variety of bows offered by the shop. This shop, though created at a dark time in Alyssa’s life, has become a source of joy because it allows her to do something she loves — stay home with her family and run a business alongside her husband.
Although her shop sells bows and more, the most important thing to Alyssa is shining light on Mental Health Awareness – Spreading the word that “it’s okay to not be okay” and providing a safe space for real life, daily struggles of moms both new and experienced. Her passion for the community she is creating can be seen in her Facebook group and other online community platforms. Even if you don’t need bows, go ahead and join her group and join her in growing awareness.

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