Issue 027 - Featuring Cuddle Monsters


Shop: Cuddle Monsters, LLC

Owner: Kenna Wheat

Facebook: Cuddle Monsters VIP Website: www.cuddlemonstersllc.com Instagram: @cuddlemonsters

“I fully design from my own art -- every individual creature type. I take the extra care to put all my love into each creature. ” -Kenna Wheat, Owner

In the small shop world, you see plenty of bow shops, bubble gum shops, bead

shops, handmade clothing, boutique clothing, shoes, and denim; however, shops

that offer handmade, totally unique, and insanely loveable stuffies are few and far

between. Cuddle Monsters is truly a one-of-a-kind shop. Owner, McKenna, hand makes and exclusively designs each and every one of her adorable creatures to give extra comfort and care to little ones. Before sending them to their new “adoptive parents” who are sure to love them and never outgrow them, she hand-stuffs them to the buyer’s preference. Her customers and fans come in all ages!

In business for over two and a half years, McKenna has mastered the art of stitching together the most lovable creatures leading her to a following of nearly ten thousand in her Facebook VIP group and rarely having drops that don’t sell out. Cuddle Monsters hosts semi-ready to ship drops on the website as often as possible but also participates in regular themed markets where one-of-a-kind, ready-to-ship creatures are crafted to fit the theme and auctioned to the highest bidder. If you haven’t checked out these markets, you definitely need to experience one for yourself. Although she is always coming up with new creatures, the original styles offered are fifteen-inch, twelve-inch, and pocket (about six to eight-inch) monsters. The regular semi-ready-to-ship drops have about a four-week turnaround time due to the customization she offers for each. A limited number of creatures are stitched together but are not filled with stuffing until they have been purchased. You can get any of the sizes as a flat lay, semi-stuffed or fully-stuffed. Flat lay Monsters have no stuffing in them and are easier for little hands to grab and hug. McKenna really has thought of every way to make sure these creatures are totally snuggly.

Cuddle Monsters came into existence thanks to McKenna’s desire to “create fun and unique items for little humans to cuddle and adventure with” but her passion for uniqueness, snuggle-ability, and her customer’s joy is what keeps the little shop thriving. You can see the love she has for her creations and her customers in the way she interacts with everyone and the quality with which she stitches each creature. It is evident in her Facebook group that her creations have brought love and joy to so many children and parents alike!

Although many of her creatures are “monsters” the name Cuddle Monsters came from McKenna’s own children and how much they love to cuddle. It was the most fitting name also since her pieces are so snuggly themselves. Of course, these feisty, free-spirited, adventure-loving children are the biggest inspiration to her designs and features. This unique

one-of-a-kind craft is what sets Cuddle Monsters apart from other plushie shops. She takes extra care to put all her love into each creature and seeing the joy her creations give to her customers is all the reward she could hope for – she loves seeing photos and hearing stories of how attached children have become to their cuddle monsters.

We asked McKenna which item is her favorite to make and she answered, “that’s so hard to choose because each one has a piece of my heart in them, but if I HAD to pick ONE, I would say my Cave Cuddlers [are my favorite].” So what are you waiting for? Go check out Cuddle Monsters and bring some snuggly love into your little one’s (or your own) world!




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