Issue 028 - Featuring Thread Me Knot


Shop: Thread Me Knot

Owner: Felicia Jones

Facebook: Thread Me Knot VIP Website: Www.threadmeknot.com Instagram: @ThreadMeKnot

Etsy: Thread Me Knot (www.threadmeknot.etsy.com)

Felicia is the owner of “Thread Me Knot”, a small shop that sells off her Facebook VIP page and her Etsy shop as well. What started as a custom canopy business almost 7 years ago has now become so much more. When Felicia first started her business, she told her husband that she would never EVER make clothes. Over six years pass by and “here we are”! Felicia has self-taught herself to make absolutely everything! Every item in her shop “has been cut, sewn, and hemmed by me” says Felicia. Felicia and her husband have been together for ten years, and despite all the beautiful girl clothes she makes, she actually has 4 boys! Felicia makes clothing for boys and girls. This has given her the chance to contribute to all the adorable girl clothes on the market, but also to expand the desperate need for boy clothes within the small shop community! She creates custom stylish pieces for her four boys and all other boy moms that have a hard time finding styles they like elsewhere.

She also sews for a few pattern companies, fabric companies and showcases.

1. What is your favorite food? Sushi Least favorite? Eggs

2. What is something you love and others hate or something you hate that everyone else seems to love?

I love the crispy burnt ends of stuff. Lasagna, brownies, you name it.

3. If you woke up and a million dollars was deposited into your account tomorrow morning and the bank said to keep it. What would you do?

I would do boring adult things like pay off our house, pay all of our debt - this would make me feel so blessed.

4. What would be your 3 wishes if a genie could grant you anything?

1) Ask for a bigger house

2) For my big house to always be clean

3) A whole separate building for my shop

5. What is your favorite thing about running your shop? Least favorite?

- My favorite thing about my shop is being able to make stuff from nothing.

- The least favorite part is cleaning up.








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