Issue 029 - Featuring Paisleigh's Boutique


Shop: Paisleigh Boutique

Owner: Alexis Carman

Facebook: Paisleigh's Boutique VIP Website: www.PaisleighBoutique.com Instagram: @Paisleigh_Boutique

“I absolutely love seeing all the littles in my products. It seriously makes my heart so full. ” -Alexis Carman, Owner

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Paisleigh’s Boutique has grown to almost fifteen hundred group members in just their first year of business. Originally offering only bows, this handmade shop has gradually expanded to offer clothing, bows, beanies and bow ties! Owner, Alexis, opened the shop in January 2021. It all started because of her love for big bows on her daughter, Paisleigh – the shop’s namesake. Once she had a good following and was confident she could do more, she started offering clothing items as well.

Paisleigh’s Boutique is Alexis’ pride and joy. Seeing tiny humans wearing pieces she made by hand makes her heart so full! Her goal is to grow her shop into a full-time, stay-at-home-mom supporting business that is successful while allowing her time to create while generating an income, and most importantly, gives her an opportunity to spend quality time being a mama!

Paisleigh’s Boutique holds weekly drops of made-to-order pieces with the occasional ready-to-ship items becoming available. Alexis is a laid-back shop owner whose focus is family-oriented. Her reps love being on her team because she doesn’t require more than a love for her shop and the ability to spread the word and help her grow. Her minimal requirements attract genuine reps and customer patrons who are truly interested in what she has to offer. No gimmicks, no frills (except maybe on clothing) — just genuine, quality pieces.

Seeing her shop’s growth in just one year has made Alexis a very proud business owner. Her handmade designs are being worn by littles across the states. She absolutely loves seeing each child’s style and grin when they are wearing her handiwork. Although she started as a bow shop, she has developed a real love for making clothing. So much so that she can’t even pick a favorite item – making clothing is so much fun and so rewarding!

Although Alexis finds heart-warming cheer in the product of her shop, her children are her real source of joy. Her shop has given her the ability to support her family while doing something that she loves which in turn creates a happier home-life and provides her the freedom she needs to spend time with her family. The feeling of supporting your family with the work of your hands and creating something completely unique is a truly amazing feeling.


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