Issue 032 - Featuring Eli & Lilah


Shop: Eli x Lilah

Owner: Joana Lopez Facebook: Eli & Lilah VIP Website: Eliandlilah.com Instagram: elixlilah TikTok: elixlilah

“My style is edgy, alternative grunge. I love to make unique items that cater different ages, sizes, and styles.”

-Joana Lopez , Owner

My shop, Eli x Lilah, is named after my kids, Elijah and Delilah. I began this shop in 2019 as a side job and have now made it my full-time job. I make clothing for both boys and girls ages newborn to fourteen. I was based out of Los Angeles, California at first, but I’ve recently packed our bags and moved us to Texas. My style is edgy, alternative grunge. I love to make unique items that cater different ages, sizes, and styles. We are a family shop; even my husband puts in work (LOL). Both my husband and my mom help me to cut and sew. My daughter and son are the face of our small shop.

Least favorite? My least favorite food is salad.

2. What is something you love and others hate or something you hate that everyone else seems to love?

I don't like soda.

3. If you woke up and a million dollars was deposited into your account tomorrow morning and the bank said to keep it. What would you do?

I would pay off my mom’s house, give some of it to my siblings, buy a house for my family, and save what's needed for my kids college fund.

4. What would be your 3 wishes if a genie could grant you anything?

1) To bring my dad back from heaven

2) To make my children successful

3) To always be prosperous

5. What is your favorite thing about running your shop? Least favorite?

- My favorite thing about running my shop is all the amazing comments and messages I get from happy clients. I love making their little's special outfit for their birthday, photo shoot, holiday party, etc.

- My least favorite part is when clients are rude and forget that shop owners are also human beings that go through things just like everyone else.


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