Issue 038 - Featuring CLB Designs

Shop: CLB Designs

Owner: Lisa Baez

Facebook: CLB Designs
“I have had so much fun with my little shop, and feel truly blessed for the success.”
-Lisa Baez, Owner
CLB Designs was created in May of 2021. Owner, Lisa Baez, creates custom epoxied glitter and nonglitter tumblers. Every tumbler is custom-made. Her only request is that her customers provide an example of what they're looking for as far as design or theme so she is able to come up with something similar – but, of course, with her own unique spin. The name “CLB Designs” is a play on her family’s names. The ‘C’ comes from the first initial of her husband’s name, Chris, as well as her son’s name, Carson. The ‘L’ comes from her own name, Lisa, as well as her daughter’s name, Lilly. The ‘B’ is the first letter of their last name. This is perfectly fitting since the entire family helps out with this little shop. Lisa's husband has really gotten into tumbler making and is an essential part of the business while her kids love to help pack orders and take them to the post office so they can make it to their new homes.
Lisa began her small shop journey just making a couple of tumblers as a hobby, but when she showed them to a few friends she was shocked by the supportive responses. Friends started asking her to make them their own custom tumblers. Once her first few “customers” got their orders, they started placing repeat orders, telling their friends and family about Lisa’s designs, and then she started receiving more and more orders. This led to her decision to open a Facebook page that would allow her to better organize the ordering process. In just one year her little page has grown to over 500 members, and month after month it continues to grow. "I have been busier than I ever dreamed of." – Lisa Baez
In the beginning, Lisa only offered a few sizes of tumblers – 20 oz, 30 oz, 12 oz kid’s cups, and a “skinny” tumbler. Now, she has added a few more sizes and styles including coffee mugs, wine tumblers, can coolers, water bottles, and even a kid’s “duo” tumbler – which can be used as a sippy cup OR a regular tumbler when they grow. She started offering preorders during the fall and winter holidays of 2021. Customers could choose from several predetermined designs. She plans to continue these themed preorders for as many holidays as possible. During non-holiday times she offers customs and ready-to- ship pieces so the availability is never lacking.
Lisa thoroughly enjoys her little shop and feels truly blessed for the success she has quickly found. She is excited to create new customized tumblers for all of you!

What is your favorite food ? Least favorite ?
My favorite food is pasta! I would eat it every day if I could! My least favorite is
Whatissomethingyouloveandothers hateor something you hate that everyone else seems to love ?
Something I love is waking up early! All of my friends and family love to sleep in and take naps. I love waking up early and couldn’t nap during the day if I tried.
If you woke up and a million dollars was deposited into your account tomorrow morning and the bank said to keep it . What
would you do?
I would take an amazing vacation with my closest friends and family.
What would be your three wishes if a genie could grant you anything you wanted?
For my family to be happy and healthy, for my kids to grow up in a safe and loving world, and to cure all the incurable illnesses in the world.
What is your favorite thing about running your shop? And your least favorite?
My favorite thing about running my shop is the constant love, excitement, and support from my friends and customers. My least favorite thing is the constant feeling of running behind. I never feel like I am caught up.




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