Issue 058 - Featuring KJS Creations and The Posh Princesses

Shop Name: KJS Creations

Owners: Cassondra Shulenburg

Instagram: @KJSCreations16

Facebook Group: KJS Creations VIP

Website: www.kjscreations.org

KJS Creations was born after owner Cassondra discovered that her princess-like daughter was part tornado when it came to her ability to destroy ribbon and fabric bows. KJS Creations started with just a couple of bow styles and a few friends. Now, six years into the business, there are over twenty styles available and a wide variety of headwear ranging from nylon bows, clip bows, headbands, headwraps, as well as handbags, earrings and bracelets.

KJS Creations is different from any other bow shop in that each bow is designed by hand by Cassondra, many are hand painted and all customs are one of a kind - she will never make an exact copy of a custom bow. Cassondra's daughter also designs a drop for her birthday each year. Although the bows offered in her regular monthly drops are not one of a kind like the customs she offers, they are limited and are rarely restocked if sold out.

If you're thinking to yourself "I have a bow shop, so this doesn't apply to me" then you obviously haven't checked out the incredible works of art offered by Cassondra and KJS Creations. Her devoted customers and obsessed reps should be proof enough to convince anyone to get at least one custom bow. Custom spots open up the first Tuesday of every month and always sell out within the half hour. Customs are hand painted, made to order, one hundred percent unique and totally fabulous.

In addition to amazing, custom, wearable pieces of art setting KJS Creations apart from other bow shops is the fact that the entire website is ready to ship. This means thousands of bows are at your digital fingertips and typically arrive to the customer within a week of the order being placed. Few other small shops can boast such a short turnaround time.

KJS Creations has been teaming up with other small shops recently offering collaboration drops where accessories from The Posh Princesses and clothing from other "friend" shops are designed within a certain theme and customers are able to shop items that coordinate from each participating shop all in one week. This type of collaboration is becoming more and more popular with the small shop world and is a great way to put a complete outfit together. KJS Creation has also teamed up with other shops who link each other's websites on their own site to help refer customers to other shops offering different pieces of the complete small shop outfit.

Check out KJS Creations and find out exactly how special this shop is.


Shop Name: The Posh Princesses

Owners: Kate and Emily

Instagram: @the_posh_princesses

Facebook Group: The Posh Princesses VIP

Website: www.theposhprincesses.com

The Posh Princesses has been around since the two owner's daughter's, who are almost exactly the same age, needed high-quality, well-made necklaces to fulfill their love for dressing up and wearing all the pretties. Owners, Kate and Emily, have been friends for years despite living on opposite sides of the country. They opened the shop inspired by their daughter's and their love for creating together. It has been a great partnership for these two boss-lady friends and their shop is thriving. It has even given them more reason to make a cross-country trek to each other's homes for friendly business visits.

The Posh Princesses is one of the shops partnering with KJS Creations on their website to drive traffic between each other's sites. The two shops share a large number of reps, do collaboration drops often and are the perfect pair of accessory shops when it comes to completing an outfit. The Posh Princesses has you covered with accessories for everything between your head and your toes. They offer many different styles of necklaces including the popular bubblegum necklaces and beaded necklaces, hair and body glitter, earrings, handbags, bracelets, lanyards, badge reels, pens, lip gloss, sunnies, and more! The quality of the items offered is unbeatable and the turnaround time is lightning fast. The Posh Princesses also has a section of their shop titled Wild North Hat Co. which offers accessory styles aimed more toward boys with items like snapbacks, backpacks and more masculine jewelry options.

Since this shop has two owners, they are able to split the task of creating between the two of them. Kate handles the beaded accessories in New York and Emily mixes the beautiful glitters in Alaska. Emily also handles most of the product photography and order shipping. This friend/shop owner pair is a dream team, and they truly function like a well-oiled machine. They work so well together that if you weren't aware of their locations, you would never know they are on opposite sides of the country.

The Posh Princesses offers amazing, one-of-a-kind customs in almost all of their other product styles. Customs are always open on their site. The turnaround time for custom orders is listed as two weeks but is almost always much faster. If they have the supplies on hand, a custom order can be shipped within a week, making their unique and personalized items a go-to for everyone!

The Posh Princesses has curated ready to ship drops that occur weekly or biweekly which usually include bubblegum necklaces, dainty necklaces, and glitters that coordinate to create a complete collection. Their larger drops and collaborations also include coordinating handbags, sunnies and sometimes even snapbacks designed to fit the theme of the drop.

This is a shop you definitely need to frequent.


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