Ripley is our fighter girl. Born with lung disease, pulmonary hypertension, and an atrial septal defect, she had a scary start. Now a healthy 2-year-old, it's hard to imagine this spunky little thing was ever ill. She loves to pretend to cook and play with all her “babies”. Her 10-year-old big brother is her best friend, and she loves when they play hide and seek. She loves animals and one of her favorite things is feeding our pets, especially her fish Finnie. She’s pretty fearless and doesn’t dislike much other than not getting her way. She’s a bit quiet when you first meet her, but once she lets out that sassy punk rock attitude, there's no putting it back.


the shops Ripley loves

Chaos Coven

Specializing in Spooky, this shop warms my goth heart. They offer clothes for children and adults, bows, custom beach towels, custom blankets, swimsuits, and wands! While they are known for spooky prints and themes, they do not shy away from lighter things too. With over a thousand prints, the options are pretty limitless.


Elizabelle James & Co.

Bigger is better at EJ&Co. where they are known for big, amazing bows. You can get anything from small, standard piggies all the way up to their new 18 and 20in. bows the “Jumbow” and “Showdown”. But it doesn’t stop there they also offer clothes, including customs. If you’re looking for a showstopper, this is where to go!


Humbly Hopeful

You can’t go wrong with Humbly Hopeful. They have glitter, hair paints, shirts, and even fun accessories like wallets and phone cases. Glitter is where they shine though. With everything from solid colors to fun foil and clay options, they have something for every occasion. They also have the option to combine glitters so you can get that unique and perfect glitter that you’re looking for.


Rebel Princess Glitter Co.

Whether you’re more of a rebel or a princess, RPGC is the place for hair accessories. Glitter is in the name, and it doesn’t disappoint. With dozens of premixed combinations and fun theme drops, there’s

so much to choose from. Not only does the glitter look great, but it also stays in place. Along with their glitter, they are also ready to accessorize your hair with hair chalk, extensions, clips, and scrunchies.


Southern Lush Bowtique

Bows, clothes, and more! SLB has a large of selection of bows in so many fabrics and styles. Messy, shredded, classic, space buns, sailors, and more. But it doesn’t stop there. They also have clothes, sunnies, and pom pom clips. With over two dozen different bow styles and tons of fabrics options, it’s a one stop shop.


Sugar Kitty Creations

If you’re looking for cute, impeccably made, and functional clothes - SKC is the place for you. They offer custom clothes for kids and adults, in great styles and fun prints. The clothes look great, but you don’t have to be afraid to play in them. With prints and sizes for everyone, it is a favorite when shopping for the whole family.

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